Your body knows (before your mind does)

Are you wondering if you’re in the right relationship? Or in the right job? Or whether you can trust someone? Or if you should move to Ibiza? Stop thinking and start feeling. Your body is always guiding you, and believe me, it knows far better than your mind ever does!

Has anybody ever told you, lovely lady, you could do SO much more? Your capacity is endless and your potential is far greater that you could imagine. We all have unlimited amount of willpower, courage and creativity, yet most people use only a fraction of it. This is equally true with the body.

Your body is filled with wisdom – from head to toes.
And yet, most people use only their heads. Thinking, analysing, worrying and planning days away. When the head is overloaded and heated, the rest of the body remains cold and unknown.

Many people even use their workout time in their heads. Even though their body might run or lift weights, their concentration is elsewhere – planning tomorrow, meals, work… Unfortunately your head isn’t the one that knows what is best for you. It can surely suggest safe options to keep you in your comfort zone but does that make you happy?

It’s time to stop thinking and start feeling.

Listening to your body is not only a cliche to prevent from injuries but also the quickest way for a happy life. Your body is always guiding you for your best – first with whispers, then slowly increasing the volume until you’ve got the message.
Lower back pain or tensed shoulders know before your mind that you’re working too much.
Funny, nervous feeling in your stomach knows before your mind that this relationship is not for you. Tensed thighs know before your mind that you can’t trust someone. And those butterflies in your stomach… They know before your mind that you’ve come across something worth stopping by.

Your body knows a lot more that your mind would like to believe.

So when you’re having a vaguely strange feeling, don’t go straight to your mind to find answers. It’d only give you the same easy way outs, such as ”it’s a flu season!” / ”weekend/summer holiday’s just around the corner!” / ”you’re just getting old…”
If you want to find the real reasons, let your body tell them, and most of all feel what it has to say.

You know you’ve found your answer when you’re feeling lighter. That’s your body’s way to say: Thank you for listening.

Feeling out of touch with your body?

Try these:
Do yoga. If you’re a beginner, start with hatha. If you’ve done yoga before, try yin yoga.
Breathe. When you wake up, lie down for a while and take ten deep breaths. Do the same when you go to sleep.
Try mindfulness or meditation. Download an app or youtube video, which is an easy way to try out mindfulness or meditation practice.
Have a massage or a body therapy. Try out a relaxing hot stone massage, aromatherapy or a body therapy, such as Rosen therapy, Shindo or Hawaian bodywork.
Dance. Play your favourite music at home and just go for it! Or try out a wild afro dance or freestyling in Five Rhythms -dance.
Go for a walk in the nature. Forrest, sea shore or by the lake… When you connect with the nature, you automatically connect with yourself.
Enjoy savasana. Everybody’s favourite part of a yoga class, isn’t it? Why not just do a savasana-practice on a sofa: just lie down, breathe and feel your body…

//Kirsi-Marja Kauppala

Kirsi-Marja is a freelance writer specialised in well-being. Writing for women’s lifestyle and fitness magazines and her own blog, she loves to inspire women and dig a bit deeper. How to find and love your true core – what makes you uniquely you.
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Photos: Johanna Lätti

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