How to master the perfect smoothie bowl texture?

perfect smoothie bowl texture

Do your smoothie bowls always turn out to be too runny for your liking? Do you dream about getting that perfect texture, the texture like soft ice cream?

I’m going to tell you a couple of easy hacks on how to achieve the perfect texture every time!

The finished product will beat your ice cream cravings in a healthy way and help you stay nourished and energised. Who wouldn’t want to start their day with healthy ice cream?!

Step-by-step instructions to the perfect smoothie bowl texture

perfect smoothie bowl texture

First, freeze the fruits, berries and vegetables you want to use to flavour your smoothie bowl. As the base of your bowl I recommend using frozen bananas, because they will give nice sweetness and a creamy texture. Preferably at least two bananas for one serving.

Secondly, the next hack is to use as little liquids as possible. If you have a Vitamix or other effective blender you might not need any liquids at all. I use always plant milks. My ultimate favourite is cashew milk! I also like oat and almond milk.

Thirdly, when you’re loading your ingredients to the blender, put first the fresh ingredients and top them with your frozen ingredients. Frozen ingredients will push the fresh ones down and blend them properly. Start the blender and keep the speed low.

Fourthly, Use your tamper! Push the mass down towards the blade and pulse the speed. Keep your eyes on the mass, because longer you blend them the runnier your smoothie will end up being. Blend only until everything has been blended to a smooth texture. If your ingredients aren’t blending you can add a small amount of liquid and try again. I often need to stop blending at least once and use spatula to scrape smoothie from the sides of blender to the middle. After that I start pulsing the blender again. Don’t forget to use the tamper!

After you’ve achieved your desired texture, use a spatula to scrape your healthy soft serve to your bowl or jar. I definitely recommend using your favourite bowl and spoon for highest enjoyment!

Let’s not forget the toppings!! Is there anything better than some satisfying crunch accompanied with natural sweetness and creamy taste? I don’t think so. So, add something crunchy on top of your smoothie bowl, for example granola, nuts or seeds. Another must add is fresh fruits or berries, like banana or strawberries or both! Use your favourites. Yes! It’s ready.

Oh, I recommend getting and chopping your toppings ready before blending the smoothie, so it doesn’t start to melt.

Last, but not least, enjoy your bowl of goodness with good cup of coffee or matcha tea.

If you want to upgrade your smoothie bowl game to the next level:

  • Make your plant milk by yourself!
  • Add superfood powders, for example greens powder, spirulina powder or maca powder.
  • Some extra crunch, add cacao nibs to the mass in the end of blending.
  • Layer it to a jar with chia pudding.
  • Add spices like vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon or a pinch of salt.
  • Top it with nut butter!
perfect smoothie bowl texture
perfect smoothie bowl texture

My favourite flavour combos that are worth a try:

Tropical dream: frozen bananas and mango with cashew milk. Topped with coconut shreds and banana slices.

Cacao goddess: frozen bananas, cacao flavoured plant protein powder, raw cacao powder and cacao nibs with oat milk. Topped with chocolatey granola and strawberries.

Salted caramel: frozen bananas, a couple of pitted Medjool dates, dollop of tahini, maca powder, vanilla powder with a pinch of salt and almond milk. Topped with buckinis or your favourite granola.

//Noora Fisher

Noora is a health nut from Finland. She believes that balance is the key and hopes to inspire people find their own balance. She listens rap music and does yoga. Her uncontrolled laugh makes others laugh. She is overall wellness enthusiast who tries her best living sustainable lifestyle filled with kindness and dreaming big. Deep conversations, sweaty workouts, snowboarding, vegan chocolate and exploring the world gets her excited. Check out her Instagram @nooraeveliiina

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