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Kale Buckwheat Tofu Salad Recipe

Kale buckwheat tofu salad recipe

This is my simple Kale Buckwheat Tofu Salad recipe. I had never cooked buckwheat before until a few months ago. I was keen to try as I had a chance to test some Urtekram products. They have a wide range of amazing organic products from food to body care: from dates to peanut butter, and from toothpaste […]

Christmas Raw Balls Recipe

christmas raw balls

Here´s my recipe for Chrismas Raw Balls: Cacao Orange Raw Balls and Cinnamon Cardamom Raw Balls. They´re very easy to make and taste delicious! Cacao and orange is a really good combination, and cinnamon cardamom raw balls taste like cinnamon buns! If you want to make these two different flavours at the same time, just divide the […]

Banana Chia Oat Pancakes Recipe

healthy banana pancakes

Can pancakes be healthy? Yes, they can! I´ve been meaning to make banana pancakes for ages. I got some inspiration a couple of weeks ago while I was in California, a lot of people seem to love pancakes over there! I wanted to treat myself one morning with these delicious pancakes to mix up my […]

Beetroot Hummus Recipe

beetroot hummus recipe

One of my all-time-favorite spreads is hummus. I love the texture and it’s nutritious and rich in protein. This time I added some beetroot to mix it up and add some colour. Hummus is a great spread for party snacks or as a dip for vegetable sticks. Beetroot Hummus Recipe Ingredients for beetroot hummus 2 […]

Quinoa Zucchini Carrot Loaf Recipe

paleo bread

I’d love to share my delicious Quinoa Zucchini Carrot Loaf recipe with you. I made this loaf a while ago from scratch and it turned out to be super yummy! I’d honestly recommend giving it a go. You can have it for breakfast or as a snack during a day. It’s a great substitute for […]