Café guide to Bali: Canggu and Seminyak

kynd seminyak

Are you planning a trip to Bali? Do you want to know where to get the best vegetarian food and the best smoothie bowls?

I spent a month in Bali late last year and just spent 8 days there again, working remotely and working on new projects.

Bali has a special place in my life. I first went there in 2012 to live for 6 months and it was actually a life-changing experience for me. It was my first time travelling outside of Europe. In 6 months, I learnt so much about life and myself. I had never felt as scared but neither as happy in my life. I then ended up moving to Perth, Australia. Luckily Perth is really close to Bali so I’ve kept travelling there at least once a year. I love Balinese culture, their warm hospitality, the atmosphere, the cruisy lifestyle, surf, food, cafés, restaurants and beach clubs. It’s my happy place…well, one of them.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time in cafés around Seminyak and Canggu during my stays over there. Now, I’ve listed my favorite ones below.

Café guide to Bali: Canggu and Seminyak



shelter seminyak
Shelter Seminyak food
Shelter Seminyak

Shelter was my go-to breakfast spot cause it was right behind the corner from my villa in Seminyak and I love the tropical vibe there! They have pretty big menu, something for everyone and the food is amazing.

Instagram: @shelterseminyak


Nalu Bowls

I absolutely love their smoothie bowls! I used to go to Nalu Bowls straight from the gym to fuel myself with their delicious J-Bay (banana and peanut butter) bowl. Nalu Bowls is a chain, this one is underneath Shelter in Seminyak. Other ones are in Canggu, Berawa and Uluwatu.

Instagram: @nalubowls



sisterfields seminyak

Whenever I needed my smashed-avocado-on-rye sourdough-with-poached-eggs fix I went to Sisterfields. Coffee is good and the food is great. It’s always busy and it has a cool vibe. The staff is great, friendly and attentive.

Instagram: @sisterfields


Coffee Cartel

coffee cartel seminyak

Coffee Cartel is a hidden spot from Seminyak’s main streets. It caught my attention once when I was just passing it by with my scooter. The building is cool and I love the soft pastel colours in their interiors. The food is good and staff friendly. It was great place to work. You can find those beautiful-looking beetroot lattes here too. 😉

Instagram: @coffeecartel


Kynd Community

Kynd Community
Kynd Seminyak

Just look at the photo above, do I need to say more? The smoothie bowls are amazing and so pretty! This vegan café seems to always be busy, no wonder why. Their salad bowls are delicious, too. I love their concept, spreading good vibes and encouraging people to be kind.

Instagram: @kyndcommunity



Peloton Supershop

Peloton Supershop Canggu
Peloton Supershop menu

Peloton Supershop is a plant-based café and bike shop. I had heard good things about the food and their salad bowls just looked too good on Instagram, I had to go there. I’m glad I did. Amazing salad bowls full of goodness and the rye bread, ah, as a Finn I love my rye bread every now and then.

Instagram: @pelotonsupershop



nude canggu
nude canggu food
nude canggu cafe

I first ended up going to Nude right after Mt. Agung had erupted. It was one of the local businesses collecting donations for the evacuees. Me and my friend dropped some donations over there and then ended up going and working there few times. The service is great and the food is really good. They even have a separate room with air conditioner for digital nomads. It was usually full of people working there.

Instagram: @nudecanggu


The Loft

the loft bali
the loft bali food
the loft cafe canggu

The Loft is one my favorites in Canggu. It’s a sister café to Shelter in Seminyak. Cool, open café with great coffee and food. Once, I had his massive vegan breakfast plate with kale, sweet potato, mushrooms, marinated cabbage, scrambled tofu and quinoa plus smashed avocado and beetroot hummus. Well worth trying! Oh, and I love their smoothie bowls, too! 

Instagram: @theloftbali


Crate Café

crate cafe canggu
crate canggu

Crate Café has cool, young and creative vibe. It’s also always busy and the food is really good. It’s a great place to hang out or do some work if just find yourself a good spot. It a must-go café in Canggu. You’ve probably already spotted those amazing chia pudding photos all over Instagram. They’re absolutely delicious!

Instagram: @cratecafecanggu



Most of the cafés look pretty empty in my photos. It’s cause most of the photos are taken after Mt. Agung erupted which means very few tourists have been travelling to Bali recently. And of course, it affects the businesses over there, too. From my own experience Bali is still safe place to travel to. It is hard to predict how Mt. Agung will act in the near future but the eruption didn’t effect on me at all while I was staying in Seminyak and Canggu.

Have you been to Bali? I’d love to hear what are your favorite cafés and restaurant over there.

Love, Jonna xx

Jonna Haataja is a wellness coach and personal trainer from Finland. She currently lives in Perth, Australia. She is passionate about healthy active lifestyle, nutritious food, exercise, yoga and helping others. Follow her on Instagram: @jonnahaataja

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