Book and podcast recommendations for personal growth

book and podcast recommendations

Today I’m going to tell you about my favourite self-help & personal growth books. I’m also going to talk you through them, why I’ve recommended them and what I’ve realised and learnt from them. I know there are hundreds of good self-help books available and I’m not here to put them in any kind of […]

Kale Buckwheat Tofu Salad Recipe

Kale buckwheat tofu salad recipe

This is my simple Kale Buckwheat Tofu Salad recipe. I had never cooked buckwheat before until a few months ago. I was keen to try as I had a chance to test some Urtekram products. They have a wide range of amazing organic products from food to body care: from dates to peanut butter, and from toothpaste […]

How to unwind after a busy day?

how to unwind after a busy day

What can you do right now to feel less stressed? Health is not just about how many times a week you exercise or what you eat. Even though, they are very important factors. Health is also about your mental state of mind and all these factors above are connected. We live busy lives, we’re ambitious […]

Christmas Raw Balls Recipe

christmas raw balls

Here´s my recipe for Chrismas Raw Balls: Cacao Orange Raw Balls and Cinnamon Cardamom Raw Balls. They´re very easy to make and taste delicious! Cacao and orange is a really good combination, and cinnamon cardamom raw balls taste like cinnamon buns! If you want to make these two different flavours at the same time, just divide the […]

Puzzles of Happiness – Finding a balance after suffering mental troubles

happiness vs. depression

Each of us has felt a bit lost and has needed guidance at some point of our lives. Finding a balance after suffering depression can take some time. Our guest writer Lotta shares her story how she made her way from surge to smoother waves.

Banana Chia Oat Pancakes Recipe

healthy banana pancakes

Can pancakes be healthy? Yes, they can! I´ve been meaning to make banana pancakes for ages. I got some inspiration a couple of weeks ago while I was in California, a lot of people seem to love pancakes over there! I wanted to treat myself one morning with these delicious pancakes to mix up my […]